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Possible Indicators of Lyme Disease – Virtually all of the following can be caused by something else, which is one of the reasons Lyme disease is so difficult to diagnose. The reader is advised that it is an accumulation of these indicators, and their spread over a number of different body systems that raises the question of Lyme disease

What you may not know about Lyme Disease – Lyme disease, spread by infected ticks, is the fastest growing infectious illness in the U.S. after AIDS. Some attribute its sudden appearance and spread to ecological factors.

List of Factors Used by Lyme Doctors to Diagnose Lyme Disease – Note: the following factors may appear at any time after a known or suspected tick bite.

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The following websites are excellent starting places for researching both the science and the politics of Lyme Disease. Some also have links to many more Lyme-related websites.

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