Articles by Jentri

Improvisations in the Key of B-Flat – In scanning my TV Guide the other day for something to watch while in pillow-supported traction…

Facing the World with Lyme Disease – Many Lyme symptoms described medically under such headings as neurological, psychological or psychiatric can be seen by others as negative aspects of one’s personalty…..

What to Do – To paraphrase an old saw, “Spring has sprung, the grass has riz, I wonder where that Lyme tick is–at.” In the first two weeks…

Letter to the Editor of the Garberville Independent – by Jentri Anders, – August 25, 2001

Letter to the Editor of the Garberville Independent – by Jentri Anders, – June, 2003

Articles by Others

Is Lyme Disease the New AIDS? Part I. David M. Conner, Huffington Post. 2015.

Is Lyme Disease the New AIDS? Part II. David M. Conner, Huffington Post. 2015.

Local Lyme Disease by Jon Sterngold, 2009. Printed in The Willits News, Willits CA

Amy Tan, Ticked Off About Lyme – By J.J. McCoy, Washington Post Staff Writer – Tuesday, August 5, 2003; Page HE01

Advanced Topics in Lyme Disease, Joseph J. Burrascano Jr., M.D. – PDF format. – Diagnostic Hints and Treatment Guidelines for Lyme and Other Tick Borne Illnesses, Fifteenth Edition. Copyright September, 2005

The When To Suspect Lyme Disease essay – written by John D. Bleiweiss, M.D. in April, 1994

Consumers Need Our Support – Article by Robert J. Lull, MD. Friday, August 2, 2002.

Letter in Support of Dr. Burrascano by Prof. Doris Aaronson, PhD of the Departments of Psychology, Neural Science and Linguistics, New York University. January 17, 2000.

March 26, 2000 Excerpted from the February 28, 2000 issue of New York Magazine – Type “Lyme disease” into your computer’s search engine and you’ll find yourself in Oliver Stone territory…

10 Things to Remember When Someone in Your Life has Lyme. The Health Benefits, December 5, 2015.