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Just received this email, of interest to persons interested in alternative treatment of Lyme disease. I have not personally seen this book, but I did read the first edition, which contained an excellent summary of the Lyme treatment situation and the problems attendant to treatment with antibiotics. I, myself, am unable to use the herbs I’ve tried because of acid reflux/hiatal hernia. Just smelling the ones I tried gave me heartburn. But, I have consulted with people diagnosed with Lyme who are allergic to the standard antibiotics used for Lyme disease and cannot financially access others they might be able to use. Since these persons did not have stomach problems, I recommended using Buhner’s first edition hopefully in consultation with a local herbalist who specializes in Lyme treatment, though the book can be used without the services of an herbalist.

Hi Jentri –

My name is Sarah Armour, I’m the publicist working with Stephen Harrod Buhner on promotion of his new book, the second edition of Herbal Antibiotics. Stephen asked me to reach out to you and let you know that he’s just released a vastly updated and expanded version of his book, with substantial new information on the herbal treatment of Lyme Disease.

The new edition of Herbal Antibiotics builds on over a decade of additional study and work by Stephen Buhner in the treatment of resistant and emerging microbes. Antibiotic resistant bacteria don’t develop resistance to plant medicines; this book outlines in-depth treatment approaches for both those who suffer resistant infections and those who treat them. It is a significant step forward in the sophisticated use of plant medicines as primary treatment for infectious disease.

The second edition of Herbal Antibiotics, expanded from 144 to 480 pages, features:

  • Detailed discussion of systemic antibiotics effective against 21 different resistant bacteria
  • A list of plant synergists that can increase the effectiveness of the systemic antibacterial herbs
  • Expanded herbal source and medicine-making chapters
  • Lengthy list of immunity system-supporting herbs to help prevent infection

Herbal Antibiotics Book CoverI’ve attached a .jpg digital postcard with book information in the hopes that you’ll share it with your support group. Feel free to link to the Herbal Antibiotics page on our website at The book is also available through Amazon and other online sources if you’d prefer to link through your own referral account.

Thanks so much,

Sarah Armour
Senior Publicist
Storey Publishing

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